Eurasia Era Volume I Issue 1

Readers who hold and leaf through the first issue of the Eurasia Review can see and ascertain that, as intended by the Editorial Board, the journal is aimed at providing appropriate and up-to-date information and insight into the unfolding development and evolution of the multipolar world order, thus supporting Hungarian decision-makers, researchers, university students and anyone interested in the topic and the region in preparing to adapt to the new world order. The main purpose of the journal is to create and set up an internationally recognised scientific forum which is dedicated to addressing comprehensive issues affecting Eurasia as a whole instead of narrowly interpreted regions, relying on a multidisciplinary approach. It is our goal to provide an opportunity and framework for academic discourse between the representatives of various disciplines, the conflicts and meetings of diverging perspectives, and the analytical presentation of trends, challenges and possibilities faced by Eurasia and the international order in the 21st century. In the journal we intend to publish academic studies fitting the profile of the journal, written by researchers with an academic degree or by PhD students. Our primary target audience comprises institutions, policymakers representing different disciplinary fields, researchers, university teachers, PhD students, university students and anyone else interested in the academic discussion of the subject (politicians, practitioners, economic actors, etc.). At present, there is no similar academic, high-quality journal either in Hungary or in the European Union dedicated to the subject of Eurasia. The Eurasia Review is intended to fill this gap as well. Editors of the journal release the first issue in the hope that it will be well received and get support from researchers representing multiple disciplinary fields, teachers, students and participants in tertiary education and readers who wish to put theoretical knowledge into practice. The Editorial Board hopes that the Eurasia Review will not only mean a publication opportunity to them, but also offer an indispensable and enjoyable professional reading experience. This would ensure the sustained existence and successful lifecycle of the journal.

The complete edition of Eurasia Era Volume I Issue 1 can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download” button:

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