Eurasia Center Brief Analysis EC/2022/1. – Where is Japan heading?


Japan is the third largest economy in the world, however, it seems that nowadays Japan has been stuck in an economic time wrap and failed to keep pace with the growth it has seen around in Asia. In 2021 the country faced numerous challenges, not only because Japan was hosting the Olympic Games, but the country also got a new prime minister r/ight before the elections, which took place in October. However, Japan’s everyday life was about how to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, the Japanese people and government had been in constant struggle with the epidemic and its waves. After a brief overview of Japan’s last year, this paper analyzes where Japan and the Japanese economy are heading under Fumio Kishida’s presidency to and what can we expect from Kishidanomics?

Keywords: Japan, Fumio Kishida, coronavirus, Kishidanomics, new capitalism

The full text available at here:

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