Eurasia Center Brief Analysis EC/2022/13. – Food crisis in the MENA region


This analysis focuses on the growing food security crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in global supply chains, public health systems, and food and energy security. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is exacerbating these problems, increasing food insecurity and poverty around the world. In addition, Western sanctions against Russia have led to a sharp rise in energy and food prices, which will have long-term impacts on global energy and commodity markets. The Russian invasion has forced Ukraine to ban the export of wheat, oats, millet, buckwheat and other foods for its own domestic food supply. It is worth highlighting that in 2021, Russia and Ukraine together exported more than a quarter of the world’s wheat. Any decline in these exports places a heavy burden on the economies of its major importers.

Keywords: food security, food crisis, Middle East, North Africa, Russian-Ukrainian war

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