Eurasia Era

The time has come for the establishment of a new scientific journal dedicated to the study of the Eurasian era and its problems in cooperation with Hungarian universities and research institutes. The geopolitical, economic, technological, and social changes of the 21st century are shaping our future while posing major challenges to nations and individuals. The epicenter of ongoing geopolitical change is undoubtedly Eurasia, where a fusion of diverse cultures, mindsets, and politics is prevalent.

The main objective of the journal is to create an internationally recognized scientific forum that addresses comprehensive issues affecting the whole of Eurasia, with a multidisciplinary approach and not just individual regions. In accordance with our objective, we aim to provide an opportunity and a framework for the professional discourse that develops between representatives of different disciplines, for the meeting and encounter of different points of view, and for the analytical presentation of all the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Eurasia and the international system of the 21st century. According to our vision, the journal will publish studies of an academic standard, written by researchers with academic degrees or PhDs, which fit the image of the journal. The main target audience will be policy makers, researchers, college teachers, PhD students, college students from different scientific fields, as well as individuals (policy makers, practitioners, economic actors, etc.) and institutions interested in the scientific treatment of the topic. At present, there is no comparable journal in Hungary or in the European Union that deals with the subject of Eurasia and is published at a high professional level. Eurasia Era has set itself the task of filling this gap as well. Like good parents, the editors of the journal send off their sweet child with the hope that it will be well received and supported by researchers from various scientific fields, teachers, participants in higher education, and readers who want to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

The editors are confident that Eurasia Era will provide them not only with a publication opportunity, but also with the experience of becoming an indispensable professional reading material. This will ensure the long-term survival and successful life of the journal.


ISSN 3003-9711 (Print)

ISSN 3004-0175 (Online)

Published by John von Neumann University’s Eurasia Center
Publisher’s headquarters: 1117 Budapest, Hungary, Infopark sétány 1.
Levente Horváth, Ph.D., Director
Editor-in-Chief: Szilágyi István, Ph.D.
Responsible editor: Levente Horváth, Ph.D.

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