Szabolcs Veres

Szabolcs Veres began higher education studies at the Uzhorod National University Department of Hungarian History and European Integration. In 2013, he successfully graduated with a master’s degree. During his university years, he was a member of several Transcarpathian and Hungarian talent management colleges.

After that, he continued his studies in the post-graduate course (Phd school) on the Uzhgorod National University the Department of Ukrainian History until 2015. During this time, he conducted archival source research in the Beregszász branch of the Transcarpathian Regional State Archives and performed several substitute teaching duties in schools.

At present Szabolcs Veres PhD student in the Eötvös Loránd University at the Department of Cultural History. His Phd work topic is „Development of tourism in Transcarpathia between the two world wars”. He is a frequent speaker and author of conferences and studies.

Since March 2021, he has been a researcher at the Eurasian Center of John von Neumann University. His main researchfield is Central Asia and research on the geopolitical location and role of Central Asian countries.

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